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Additional Services


- Greek Vinyl Recording and Restoration (LP - 78 - 45)

Preserve your Greek Music from your old records and enjoy them again on CD! DJ Meleti will professionally record and digitize your old Greek records - from LPs, 78s, or 45s - and record them to CD so that you can again enjoy them!

- Music Search

Are you looking for an old recording and are not sure if it is presently available? Perhaps you remember a Greek song, and are not sure of the Artist or Title. Let DJ Meleti help you find the music you have been missing!!

- Project and Event Consultation on Greek Music

Do you have a special project that requries Greek music? A film, video, or an event that needs the right Greek music? DJ Meleti can help you. If you are looking for live Greek music and require a professional Greek band or artist, DJ Meleti can recommend the right musicians for your event.