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DJ Meleti


Meletios Pouliopoulos aka DJ Meleti was born in Manchester, New Hampshire in 1962. He was brought up Greek Orthodox, and was raised in a home that was filled with Greek Music, dancing and lots of love. He was professionally trained in Radio at the University of New Hampshire, and then later at Emerson College, where he majored in Communications.

In the early 1980s, following several radio broadcast assignments, DJ Meleti was featured as a club DJ in Boston, and began his work as a professional Greek DJ. He has lived and worked in New York City, and also in Athens, Greece and now lives in the United States, in the seacoast area of New Hampshire.

DJ Meleti is a recognized expert and historian of recorded Greek music, and has recorded and documented hundreds of vinyl recordings - older Greek music that has over time been lost to the Greek community. He has recently launched a new radio program, "For The Record" on Grecian Echoes - Greek Radio Boston - which features Greek music that was recorded and performed in America from 1945 - 1975.

As a professional Greek Disc Jockey and Greek Music Consultant, DJ Meleti is dedicated to bringing the very best of Greek music to make the event or project the most memorable.